Despite Firefox 3.5  has been released and Mozilla boasted that Firefox 3.5 will be 3 times faster than Firefox 3.0 and will be more stable with out crashes.What I am experiencing with Firefox 3.5 is embarrassment with crashes.

I have to sacrifice some of my favorite add-ons for Firefox 3.5 which were used in Firefox 3.0.11,the one that I losted like that is Fasterfox add-on .Let us kept performance of Firefox 3.5  aside as we want more stability from the most secured browser as any one can say.Firefox even gets crashed even opening a new tab and reminds us embarrassment to restore session’s particular tabs that’s an advantage for us as no browser has.

well it's embarrssing

But when it crashes too often there is no meaning of using restore session  feature rather than shifting to another browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 .

Since the flash plug-in is an updated one  then which is causing Firefox for more crashes which invokes  Mozilla crash reporter for feedback about the problem like Microsoft asks in error reporting.Firefox 3.5 also seems to be eating 100 percent resources which is familiar to all which you can observe in the task manager.Even got  too low memory warning in Firefox 3.5  which was never got in earlier versions of Firefox.

mozilla crash reporter

Some buzz is going around web about the patch for Firefox 3.5 will be in half of July of this month which can fix three bugs and top crashes.Let us wait and hope the next Firefox 3.5.1 will solve these embarrassments with crashes.

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