I updated my firefox 3.0.11 to Firefox 3.5 as Firefox 3.5 has been released. Mozilla did say that Firefox 3.5 will be fast and stable, but it is embarrassing us with crashes. Firefox 3.5 is showing new low memory warning which I never came across earlier versions of Firefox and in other browsers also.

All windows users are familiar to getting virtual memory minimum too low despite some applications eating more memory, here it may be Firefox as I mentioned in my post.

virtual memmory

Windows adjust virtual memory it self or you can increase the virtual memory. Here in Firefox 3.5 got warning :low memory and Firefox 3.5 got frozen.

warning_low memory

After getting this warning, I checked what are the system requirement for Firefox 3.5 for Windows

OS:Windows 2000\XP\Vista\server 2003

Minimum hardware:Pentium 233 MHZ


52 MB hard drive space

Let me tell you Firefox 3.5 on Pentium II with 64 MB Ram is a real joke , mine with 512 MB RAM getting low memory warning and resulting frozen Firefox .

Fix for low memory warning in Firefox 3.5

The only thing you can do is increase the virtual memory , next time you wont’ encounter this problem of low memory warning in Firefox and also uninstall add-ons that don’t require any more for you will free some memory.

read this article on Microsoft on how to increase virtual memory.

Update:Due to frozen Firefox, I was unable to know total warning here is the total warning message “ Warning :Low memory a script on this page has been stopped due to low memory condition” and the fix is same . I updated the screenshot.

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