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Yesterday Google made it easier to find creative common images through their image search.This one will be definite help to bloggers,till now I used to search for creative common images in flickr it self.

Choosing  image for a post is a always a long and complicated process as bloggers should obey copy rights ,Google now made it easy to restrict their image search to creative common licensed images for reuse with modification also.You can search images for commercial purpose also under creative common license in  Google image search .This is the one feature Google images lacks till now ,it’s like another feather in crown for Google.

Addition of this feature Google image search makes more convenient to search from Google it self for images than going to flickr ,of course flickr images under creative commons are displayed under Google image search results.

This is how you can search for creative common images in Google Images .

1.Just go to Google advanced images search under usage rights you can select “return images that are “

  • labeled for reuse
  • labeled fro commercial reuse
  • labeled for reuse with modification
  • labeled fro commercial reuse with modification

   Google advanced image search

 finding images to reuse

you can choose any option you desired  and restrict results to creative commons or other licensed images

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