The Main rich feature of Bing search engine which is liked by all is the daily background image it shows on Bing home page with hot spots which describes the important of that image.If you liked these Bing wallpapers you can download them using Bing downloader.

Bing offers special image everyday which looks very beautiful and we can make our desktop more colorful with bing wallpapers .

I did covered how to save these Bing background images on to desktop

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Another way is to download Bing wallpapers is using Bing downloader which is written in c# programming language with a 10 KB size  .

1.Just download Bing downloader.

2.Run it everyday ,it saves the Bing images in Bing images folder ,it creates the bing images folder in the same directory bing downloader exists.

Bing image

3.You need not to open bing home page in your browser.

4.Bing downloader requires .net framework 3.5 to be installed in your computer.

When I run this bing downloader first time when it released on June 18 ,I got “GDI error” that’s  why  I was unable to post on blog,of course the updated release of bing downloader 1.2 downloads image without any problems.

You may know Bing displays images on their home page one for US version and other for other countries .Bing downloader fetches only one image that of your resident country.If you miss other daily image you can download manually as mentioned above by me by using full version of bing at and selecting United states-English.

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download Bing downloader

Bonus:If you downloaded lot of bing wallpapers use Caledos Automatic wallpaper changer to change them on desktop automatically.

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