There are many online apps and software tools to convert images in various formats to icons .But creating icon from image is not easy as you see.The one freeware program that creates icons from images by just dropping the images on to it, is ToYcon.

 Features of ToYCon

  1. ToYcon makes it so easier to convert Image from popular formats like PNG,BMP,JPG,TGA,GIf to Icon format that is ICO.
  2. You can have the option to pin it to desktop so that it stays on the desktop until you uncheck
  3. You can have the options also to lock , minimize to tray and also to show icon in system tray.
  4. It’s a freeware also.
  5. You can convert icons to images to with ToYcon.

If you want to create an icon for shortcut to a file on the desktop, ToYcon makes it so easy for you by just dragging and dropping the image on to default it is PNG to Ico converter but you have the option to convert image from popular formats to icon files.

download ToYcon

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