Twitter homepage gets a new look ,though twitter users observe nothing new once they logged into twitter.It’s the front page that got redesigned.Meanwhile,I forgot the look of old homepage of twitter,I should have saved a image of it.

Let’s take a look at what changed in new front page from the old one

comparision between old and new look of twitter home page   Old twitter home page image credit:oberholtzer-creative

1.Twitter search got more importance .

2. Twitter’s popular words “what are you doing ” changes to “share and discover what’s happening right now around the world”.

3.Since the whole world knows about twitter as no introduction required  “What is twitter” and watch the video”,few words about twitter from famous blogs are gone.

4.Twitter bird with color,seems to fly than staying on the branch.

5.Trendy topics got more importance on new front page of twitter.

6.In my opinion old home page look more beautiful than the current one.

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