Microsoft is getting into more social ,Microsoft launched BingTweets in partnership with Federated media which mixes the Bing search results for latest twitter trends along with latest tweets showing for that twitter trend on the left side.

This is an intelligent move by Microsoft after spending millions to promote their Bing search engines Microsoft now targeted Twitter to increase their search share .

  • As a first step few days back they enabled real time twitter results for some popular twitter users in their bing search.
  • Now fusing using twitter trends in their search along with latest tweets .

For example see  screenshot of BingTweets for Trendy topic harry potter

BingTweets for Harry Potter

BingTweets features:

1.Bing Tweets enables to you see the latest trends in twitter by fusing Bing search results with latest tweets.

2.Here Bing shows search results with twitter trendy topics with latest tweets.

3.You can also search in Bing tweets with a query ,produces Bing search results as with latest tweets on the left pane.

4.BingTweets is still in beta.


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