If you just want to know what happening right on the web real –time now ,you can find by searching in Collecta.Collecta is a not a search engine like Google ,instead it looks for search terms happening now.

Collecta  is not for queries like Google ,it’s a real-time happenings search engine.If you search for a query in Collecta ,it shows the results in center column ,you can select the results to see preview of it.

Much like Twitter’s trendy topics, it shows what hot now below the search bar.

Collecta search results will be shown from the  News sites,popular blog posts,comments ,updates in social media like Twitter and Flickr photo stream .

Collecta_real _time_search

You have the options to show the search results Collecta shows to be restricted to be from blog posts,comment ,twitter updates and Flickr photo stream.You can delete the queries you searched  also, so that no information will be stored in collecta.You can pause the search results in Collecta.

Collecta is a still in beta .Have a try .


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