Nothing can be kept secret for so long ,as Mozilla wiki posted the screenshots of how Firefox 4.0 would look like.As Mozilla wiki says these are for the feedback for Firefox 4.0 windows Theme Mockups ,how ever that gives us chance to imagine how the Firefox 4.0 user interface and features going to be.

It is quite surprise that Firefox 3.5 released by Mozilla some time back they are already working on Firefox 4.0 but the next major release of Firefox will be Firefox 3.7.This tells that Mozilla team is so ahead in preparation for Firefox 4.0.

Lets look at themes that reveal something about Firefox 4.0

Firefox 4.0 screenshots

Version A Tabs on bottom

tabs on bottom _firefox 4.0

From the above screenshot

Assessment of Firefox 4.0 UI

  • There is no file menu
  • It’s much like Google Chrome interface
  • Bookmarks appear after address bar .
  • There is also tools button beside bookmarks much like the wrench button in Google Chrome.
  • Reload  button comes in the address bar.

it’s complete change in UI for Firefox when we compare to present Firefox 3.5 or older versions.

Version B tabs on Top:

tabs_on_top_firefox 4.0

From the above screenshot here tabs are on top

Here there are most positives with Firefox 4.0 UI with tab on tops, reminding you see the chrome it’s UI will be same as this.

Positives like Vertical Space will be saved.Negatives like title in the title bar will be truncated on tab with less space.

Combo Stop/Refresh /Go button

Mockup-4-0-Vista-(TabsBottom)-(LocBar) images credit :Mozilla Wiki

From the above screenshot  Firefox don’t require 3 buttons for refresh,Stop and Go in the navigation bar, all in one  combo button will do the go,stop and refreshing the web pages.

When a web page is loading you will see the progress bar at the bottom that is in  the status bar now here you will see long progress line installing programs in your computer.

Well there seems to some changes in the UI of Firefox 4.0 but the user interface ,buttons reminds me of Google chrome.

[thanks to Mashable]

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