Microsoft’s search engine named Bing launched on June 1st .Microsoft says Bing is a decision engine than a search engine .Let us look how far bing is progressed and giving competition to Google.

Bing search engine overview

Access full version of Bing:If you are outside of North America, you are restricted to access or limited to some features of Bing .Try to use full version of Bing by opening  and selecting United States-America as your country and save your settings.

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Attracted feature in Bing:Bing home page looks impressive with colorful images which will be shown daily with hot spots.Each image has a significant importance describing the special event that day with hot spots.

Bing rich homepage

Having said Bing home page looks colorful,but  it does take time to load full homepage containing images with hotspots ,so you can turn off Bing background images to  make home page load faster.

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Bing included as a search engine in Google analytics reports

Since Bing is driving traffic to blogs ,If you are a blogger or website owner using Google Analytics ,bing is integrated as a search engine into Google analytics.

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Bing added Language translator to its search

Since Google translates foreign languages with Google Translate, bing added language translation using Microsoft Translator.

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Bing promotion:

To promote Bing Microsoft invested billions and also released Bing ringtones for your mobile.

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Making Bing as a default search engine in Firefox

If you are Firefox lover want to  make bing as default search engine for firefox .

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Download bing wallpapers

Since Bing shows high quality images daily ,you can download them and set as wallpaper for your desktop.

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Bing adds malware filter to their search engine

To protect you from downloading malwares from  malwares sitres that try to appear top serp  in Bing by using keyword strategies bing adds malware filter to remove malware sites from their search page.

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search both in Google and bing together at same time

If you are a Googler wanted to see how both Google and bing produces the results for a query

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Twitter in Bing

Bing  launched bingtweets partnered with federated media to get twitter traffic towards bing ,thus to increase their search share in search engine market.Bingtweets shows search results for twitter trendy topics along with latest tweets for that trendy topic.

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Bing gains share in search engine market

Finally stats tell the fact which position you are in search market as Bing gains more share goes ahead of yahoo and  according to comscore.But bing needs to index more websites and has a long way to go to strongly compete with Google, the search emperor.

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