Bing has been launched by Microsoft on June, which calls it as decision engine now reaches 20th position on top of websites in the world according to Alexa.Microsoft is at 17th position in that list.


Just with a span of almost two months Bing reached 20th position in world’s most visited websites.Microsoft didn’t put a foot wrong in promoting Bing and campaigning also.Microsoft invested a lot to promote Bing the results are showing now.Bing really attracted a lot of people with it’s rich homepage and features.Bing also gains considerable share in the search engine market when compared to live search .It’s all going right for Microsoft in case of Bing.

Steps of Bing adding real time updates for some popular twitter users,Microsoft launching bingtweets definitely sent traffic from twitter to Bing.We can firmly say bing can give tough fight to Google.

thanks to [techtree]

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