If you are using Firefox 3.5 you could easily say the post title is justified with the behavior of Firefox 3.5. May be you don’t ,I will soon going to upgrade my system’s RAM to 1 GB is it enough for Firefox to eat may be not.

If you are following our blog ,you could have observed how we covered stuff about Firefox not in a criticizing manner but we always talked about Firefox updates and it’s useful features.Firefox is also my primary browser.We have to accept the fact that Mozilla is always in front to release quick  security updates for their browser than any other browser.I covered some articles about showing my disappointment with Firefox such as being as resource hog embarrassments and low memory warnings.

The reasons for Firefox 3.5 users to upgrade to 1 GB RAM

  • Firefox eats lot of system resources almost 100% ,doesn’t even gives a chance to other processes to show their superiority ,Firefox always stood first.
  • Firefox freezes by showing low memory condition warnings.
  • Firefox gets lot of crashes than any other browsers .
  • Increasing virtual memory always will not be permanent solution for Firefox.

One day hell is ok, daily can’t bear this much hell from Firefox.

The above reasons forcing  me to soon to upgrade my system’s RAM to 1GB or even higher for better stable browsing with Firefox.

Change hardware for Firefox browser
There is a quote called “change your hardware rather than software”,it can be interpreted by me with this experience with Firefox as “change hardware for browser like Firefox” .It will be understandable to upgrade your system hardware for newer operating systems like Windows Vista and windows 7.How about upgrading your hardware for a browser?

Just look at the minimum hardware requirements for Firefox 3.5 in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 release notes

Pentium 233 MHZ


52 Mb Hard drive space

I just want to know users experiences who are using Firefox 3.5 on 128 MB RAM.

If this way Firefox performances in future no doubt majority of users using Firefox 3.5 will shift to another browser like Chrome or Opera.You are thinking of downgrading to Firefox 3.0.x, that’s quite good for some time till January 2010 because Mozilla going to release security updates to Firefox 3.0.x till January 2010 only ,after that there will be no support for Firefox 3.0.x as like now for Firefox 2.0 .Then after that anyway you have to upgrade to Firefox 3.5 ,Firefox never leaves you ,you have to bear Firefox till next major version of Firefox comes.There will be no huge differences in upcoming versions of Firefox when compared to this version.

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