Google Chrome Os screnshot

As I did mentioned Google Chrome OS screenshots leaked Those were leaked by the Acer company employee him self through a blog post as he setup word press exclusively to reveal Google Chrome OS screenshots and its features.

Though he is feeling guilty as it is highly confidential to not to reveal such information to media  we have to thank him for us to give an idea how Google Chrome OS looks like it still at build stage  which give how look of UI of Google Chrome OS will be.He named the blog chrome osleak ,I have no complaints in reveling this info may be Google and Acer takes seriously.

Here are the screenshots of Google Chrome OS taken by anonymous Acer employee with his min-cam

Google Chrome OS on acer notebook Google Chrome OS screenshot _2 Google Chrome OS in closer view

 Google Chrome OS from side angle (thanks to chromeosleak)

Update:Someone already uploaded these screenshots to YouTube so watch first looks of Google Chrome Video.


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