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Web Browser is the one which will enter you into the World of Internet to get some amazing stuff like images,videos, chatting with friends emailing,blogging,social networking and lot more.Browser is the entry point for all these things .

Lot of people are using updated browsers still they are not far away from daily browser crashes with some annoying warning nobody wants to see them again of course.

Here are some warnings that I came across using popular browsers like Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome in detail with screenshots.

9 Browser Warnings don’t want to be seen by anyone

Internet Explorer Warnings:

Though Microsoft’s internet Explorer share is decreasing gradually with more fast and secured browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.Loop holes in Microsoft’s active X technology and browser help objects are the main areas where Internet Explorer is attacked by viruses,spywares and hackers.I am not getting too deep into security concerns of Internet Explorer.Internet Explorer 8 is the most stable and secured browser we can say at least when compared to earlier versions of IE6 and IE7.Let us look at this browser warnings.

Internet Explorer_Warning

This warning is familiar to almost all internet Explorer users.

Firefox Warnings:

Firefox is the most secured browser having extensions and also is  the most trusted open source browser from Mozilla which is used widely now a days.This browser gets lot of crashes than any other browser that is true.This browser does eats lot of resources and shows low memory warnings which is strange you can’t find it in any browser.Firefox does give  unresponsive script warnings which  happens when you visit certain websites due to its inability to handle java script.Firefox sometimes does invoke Mozilla crash reporter when it crashes.When you try to open Firefox in some cases it gives its already running not responding this is due to profile folder being is already locked when you closed Firefox last time, hence it gives that warning.Firefox does embarrasses you when a  tab gets crashed in Firefox and shows new Firefox restore session warnings which will be useful of course but this is happening quite often.Let us look at those warnings.

Firefox not responding


Mozilla Crash reporter

unresponsive script warning  in Firefox_thumb[2]

warning_low memory


Google Chrome Warnings:

Google Chrome is the browser released by Google which renders pages very fastly, hence liked by lot of users.Google Chrome has little share in browser market.Google Chrome has still long way to go which lacks extensions which gave extra edge to Firefox.Google chrome can gets crashed due to its inability to handle flash content on certain websites.


Google Chrome_crashed

Google chrome_warniing

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