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Twitter is popular micro blogging service that allows to send tweets to your friends ,relatives and followers with a text of 140 characters.Twitter is gone so popular that some people using it without knowing how to retweet a tweet even .

 twitter in real life

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Reasons for Anyone to Follow you on Twitter

This post resembles what a twitter follower(he) thinks in following some one generally.

He follows you..

1.Bbecause you have more twitter updates.

2.You have more followers and more updates than him.

3.Hoping that you might follow him.

4.Likes your tweets on breaking news and follows you.

5.Your blog is of same niche like his blog.

6.Hoping you should retweet his tweets after if you follow him,so that he can get some traffic to his blog and also  increase the count of his followers.

7.You recommend your followers to follow him.

8.You may link his twitter profile in your blog for his tweets.

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