There will be always problems posed to the user, when coming to uninstalling certain programs specially security programs related to anti-virus,anti-spyware and anti-malware programs, of course with other programs too.Step by step guide to solutions to uninstall programs giving you trouble.

If you are installing new program in your computer ,system restore point will be created on the same day at the same time.So we are already safe as with system restore, as we can restore our computer to earlier state.

Solutions to Uninstall problems ..

1.If you are unable to uninstall a program using add\remove programs, you can use system restore to undo the changes that done after installing the program.

2.If system restore fails to restore, then you can use Revo uninstaller which is the best free uninstaller available to not only uninstall programs but also removes left over information like registry keys also.

3.There is also a manual way to uninstall programs using the registry,you can try that as well.

4.You can try the removal tools for the anti-virus programs like AVG removal tool and Norton removal tool.

5.There is free program specially to remove or uninstall anti-virus programs called AppRemover.

6.There will be always uninstallers almost for every program ,which will be found on program’s website like for Flash player uninstaller.

7.There will be errors occur with programs installed with Windows installer then you can use Windows installer configuration utility to clear the registry info and then you can remove that program using add\remove programs.Windows installer configuration utility should not be used for office 2007 products.

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