offline installers

There is always advantage having offine installers for must have applications like Skype,Yahoo messenger,Flash player,Google Chrome,java and .net framework in our hard drive storage.

Because in these days we never know when we need to reinstall a program due to more viruses,spywares, malwares infecting PCs.

As the user browse the web through the browser which  must have flash player,java run time environment must be installed to browse websites with multimedia content and java applications.

Skype and yahoo messenger are used for video chatting  and these two programs are also must in these instant messaging environment to chat with friends and relatives.

Google Chrome is the light weight browser loads pages very framework is a must program to install certain programs that developed on .net framework.

download offline installers from below links

1. Skype offline installer

2.Google Chrome offline installer

3.Java offline installer

4..Net framework  3.5 sp1 offline installer

5.Flash Player offline installer

6.Yahoo messenger 9.0 offline installer

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