There are mare many sites on internet from which you can download wallpapers freely.Be careful the term “free wallpapers”  is the highest search term on search engines ever.

Where some people tricking you with pop up ads when you click installs screensavers along with adware.That’s the case with wallpapers also.

Here are 5 sites from which you can download colorful and high resolution wallpapers freely .You can download wallpapers from various categories like 3D art,animal,cars ,Fantasy,XP,Vista ,Sports,Cartoons and etc.


1.Wallpapermoz:They currently have 11697 wallpapers and they update their data base daily.You can download beautiful wallpapers from various categories .


2.Freedesktopwallpapers:This site holds wallpapers related to various categories with high resolution.


3.Digital Blasphemy:Very popular website for 3D desktop wallpapers .You can download wallpapers freely from public gallery and use them as desktop wallpapers.

Link:Digital Blasphemy

4.Desktop deck:This site has wallpapers related to celebrity,cat wallpapers,technology wallpapers,game wallpapers,movie wallpapers and more.

Link:Desktop deck

5.GetWallpaper:In this site you will find all wallpapers related nature ,you can freely download them and use as wallpapers for your desktop.


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