I had written about PDFTK Builder to Merge and Split PDF files which is a freeware .Here another Open source java based program to split and merge PDF files which is PDFSam.If you have lot of PDF Files in hard drive storage making it single PDF File will also save hard drive space and easy to read all info.

Features of PDFSam:

1.Very easy to use.

2.This program is developed on Java run time environment ,you must have java installed in your computer .you can try java offline installer.

3.Simple graphical user interface for user to split and merge PDF files.

4.It’s a freeware also.

Merging or Combining PDF files using PDFSam:

After downloading and installing PDFSam in your computer .

  • Run PDFsam
  • Select “Merge/Extract” in Plugins,click add to navigate to add PDF files by selecting .
  • Specify “Destination output file” directory by clicking “Browse”.

            Merge _PDF_files_in _PDFsam

  • After you confirmed click run to merge the all PDF files by PDFSam  and the combined PDF file will be saved in out put directory you mentioned.

Split PDF File using PDFSam:

  • Open PDFSam
  • Select Split in Plugins ,add the PDF file to split into multiple PDF files by clicking ” add”.
  • Here you have lot of options to split the PDF file you can split even pages,odd pages you can split specified number of pages.You can split at specified size.


  • Exercise your options and after confirmation click “Run” to split PDF file and splitten PDF files will be saved in output location specified by you.

Download PDFsam

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