There are lot of people spending all day online in popular social websites like twitter and Face book which can be called as addiction.It will be nice,if you spend  limited time on these social sites per day rather than spending entire day.If you really don’t want to  visit these websites again ,keepmeout helps you out.

1.Just open Keepmeout in your browser.

2.Enter the address of website you are addicted or visit often.


3.Enter the time,for keepmeout to warn you may be for 30min or  60 min as you like.

3.Keepmepout creates an alias for that website for example an alias for Face book ,add this to your bookmarks by dragging.

alias for facebook

4.Now whenever you want to browse Facebook ,use the bookmark, Keepmeout warns you if you visit the website more than once in the time defined by you.


This is one way of avoiding addiction to social sites and concentrate on your work.

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