We use accounts having passwords in Windows to prevent unauthorized access to our computers,every time you are away the session will be locked and you have to enter password to log into that session.How is that you have to plug USB drive and activate the session as well as locking the computer.

Predator lock your computer with USB drive .

Predator Features:

  1. Predator Protects your Computer with USB Flash drive by assigning a key for USB Flash drive.
  2. When you are away after activating Predator in your Computer other user cannot access your computer ,computer screen goes dark,keyboard and mouse will be disabled.
  3. If he tries to use Alt+Ctrl+delete task manager will be disabled and asks him to enter password you created after installing Predator.there are 3 tries to enter password and countdown will begin for 20 sec after 3 tries and 20 sec of countdown alarm will be triggered.

           Predator locks and darkens the screen

  4.Predator records all the security events in al log file start,stop and alarms.This log file will be helpful to know any others accessed your PC when you are away from your Computer.

5.Running of predator will be shown in Taskbar by flashing lock icon ,you can pause monitoring by right clicking on it.

  predator flashing in taskbar

6.It’s a freeware.

Installing  and Configuring Predator :

  • Download and install Predator.
  • Run the Predator.
  • A Window appears to create a password and create a key click ok to open Preferences Window.


  • insert your USB drive ,and in preferences enter password  and click create key in USB drive.
  • Now the Predator is active and running which you can observe in the taskbar

Caution in using Predator:

Note down the password you are defined with predator.

While pad lock in red in never use safely remove hardware to remove USB drive predator icon in red means Predator is writing on key in USB drive.

Things to do if you Forgot Predator Password:

If you don’t set Predator to Auto startup with windows you can start click RUN and enter CMD and type C”\Program Files\Predator\Predator.exe “ /D .And you have to install and run Predator again if you want to use it.

Download Predator

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