Alexa is behaving wired now,generally it shows traffic stats for a website or blog on home page it self,today it is showing “No sites  about specified website with users in united states were found”.

traffic rank for Google in alexa

Though Alexa is showing the traffic rank for popular sites it is not showing traffic stats when you search by entering website URL in “Find sites about”.You only get traffic stats for that website when you click on “get site info for that site” only.

No sites found in alexa

Here is new way to get Alexa traffic Stats for any website or blog without even opening Alexa website

below URL you should observe carefully

now let us see for example to get Alexa traffic stats for

what we have to do for every website is  replace domain with com  now replace blgourl with gmailblog.blogspot  and paste in any browser and press enter you will get traffic stats for can do this for any website or blog.

This seems bit confusing for first time ,but if do this once you will be familiar with this.

Try once and  post your comments .

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