As we have said Firefox 3.5 is available unofficially,after going through betas and release candidates, much awaited Mozilla Firefox 3.5 code named Shiretoko has been released by Mozilla .This version of Firefox will be more stable and faster than the previous version Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11.

Features of Firefox 3.5:

1.Private Browsing is introduced in this version ,which does not save your browsing history.

2.You can view recently closed windows.

3.Location aware browsing feature is included in this version also.

4.Supports new web technologies like HTML 5.

5.Firefox works much better with new TraceMonkey Java script Engine.

6.Supports Open Media that is you can play videos in Firefox without installing plug-ins like Adobe Flash player.

Your Firefox will be updated automatically if you enable updates for it or you can update Firefox by selecting Help and clicking Check for Updates.You can download Firefox 3.5 from Mozilla Website.

For more details on Firefox 3.5 read Firefox 3.5 release notes

Download Firefox 3.5

Update :in the 6 th point I mentioned Firefox 3.5 does not require flash player Plug-in,Firefox 3.5 does require flash player plug-in Download Flash Player 10.0 Offline Installer

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