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As Microsoft Security Essentials Leaked Over the Internet few days back,Microsoft set to release Microsoft Security essentials (MSE) on today.Microsoft stopped its paid security program Live one care and giving Microsoft security essentials as free anti malware to its consumers.

Cautions before installing Microsoft Security Essentials

1.Antivirus and anti-spyware programs which ever installed in your computer must be uninstalled to install Microsoft Security essentials.

2.Your Windows must Pass Windows Genuine Validation test to install MSE in your computer otherwise you will get remainders from Microsoft like “this copy of Windows is not genuine”

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Microsoft Security Essentials

Features of Microsoft Security Essentials:

1.It offers real time protection:That is whenever MSE detects malware in your computer it alerts you and blocks the malware.

2.Schedule scan available:You can schedule  MSE to scan at particular time at week and remove threats found during the scan.

3.Removes viruses,Trojans:MSE successfully removes viruses,Trojans,spyware and other malware.

4.MSE updates virus and spyware definitions from Microsoft Update center ,after updates are installed for MSE you can see “real time protection on” and “Computer status protected “message on MSE.

5.You can use MSE’s quick scan to scan for viruses,spywares and Trojans .

MSE _on _taskbar

6.You can observe MSE icon in system notification area on taskbar.

7.If you don’t run schedule scan or don’t get updates automatically you should check for virus and spyware definitions at least once a week.MSE will notify you if your virus definitions are out of date for seven days.

MSE supports Upcoming Windows 7 ,Windows XP and Windows Vista.Since this beta of MSE final version may not be same as this.This MSE beta is limited to 75,000 downloads only.This beta is available to customers in Unites states,United Kingdom,Israel (English only),people’s republic of China and Brazil only.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

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