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We all can now how intelligent a person is by knowing things he can do ,what he suggests to others ,the way he thinks and take actions.Here comes Hunch which summarizes the final decision for you to take decision on any question by the way you need things and answers the questions.

The decision you get will depend on the answers you give to questions ,you can even skip the question after answering several questions Hunch will show you the decision.This it really tricky service unless you experience you can get idea about what hunch is ?.

Suppose If you want to take a decision to cancel landline connection

you need to answer questions like

  • cell signal is there in your area
  • Do you use fax with your landline
  • Do you get high rentals for your land phone,
  • Do you have ADSL internet connection

By answering these questions you will get a decision to cancel landline connection or the end it give answer for example like keep the landline phone .

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These questions already answered by Hunch users who are registered,new topics will be added to hunch everyday just as you answer question that question will be added if you are Hunch user,like that Hunch has  2500 topics which helps you takes decisions to questions like where should I go Vacation ,Am I techhie, which blog should I read,which college should I join like these.

So have taken your decision at Hunch?share with us in comments.

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