Till now I used AVG Free edition to protect my Pc from viruses and spywares,as  Beta of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) released I wanted to test its  like threats detection level ,it’s features and impact of it on system performance.For that I uninstalled AVG and installed MSE.

As you should know you must uninstall any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed in your computer to install MSE ,so that two anti-viruses might not interfere each other and effect system performance.

Microsoft Security Essentials

After installing MSE I updated it and it did not found any new threats as AVG not found also initially.MSE sit’s on the background silently watching gives the impression no anti-virus installed in your Computer.But MSE unable to detect pen drive viruses where AVG does better in detecting autorun viruses from USB drives.

To uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

1.Click start ,select Microsoft  Security Essentials on Programs and click uninstall  Microsoft Security Essentials.

2.Restart your Computer if Prompted.

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