Background images on Bing

Having covered Tips and tricks on Bing, we talked about the look of its Homepage, which is being impressive due to background image and Bing Logo, and also covered how to turn off background images in Bing. Now these background images have some importance according to Microsoft’s Search Engine.

Bing Desktop Automatically Sets Daily Homepage Image from Bing as Windows 7 Desktop Background

The background image on Bing may relate to a special event as these images describe the importance of holidays and other planned events. Bing offers Special image on every day, the hotspots on image describe more about the image.

I really liked these high resolution images showing on Bing Background, if you want to save them and use them as wallpapers for your desktop, your desktop will be filled with beautiful image.

December 9, 2014 update : Forget about all these, the Bing homepage goes HD and now officially lets you download images on it, for more details read :

Bing adds High Definition Images to its homepage, and Allows to Download Them

So if you’ve liked any background image on Bing, you can save the image to desktop very easily. To do that,

waterdrops image_ on_ bing

1. Just Open in Firefox .

2. In Firefox, Tools menu select Page Info select Media scroll down until you find source link to image, click save as and save the image in JPEG format to desktop.

Update: This no longer works in current version of Firefox, don’t worry! You can still download or set Bing image as desktop background, for that

Visit in Firefox browser, right click on image and select ‘view background image’, once the image opens you’ve the options to save or set it as desktop wallpaper.

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