Generally using Twitter means you want to know latest headlines around the world by following some people in return some will follow you of course,so by default your twitter updates will be public and all will see your tweets and your profile also.

If you want to protect your twitter updates that means you have the option to set your updates to private and any one will only follow you unless you approve them. Thus twitter had the option for you to choose your followers also.People these days begging or requesting others to follow them ,so minimum number of people  are going to make their profile private.If you want to make your twitter updates private for some reason and want to gain authority so that only you approved persons will follow you.

To do that

1.Login to your Twitter account.

2.Click “ settings”  and in the account tab at the bottom of the page check or enable “protect my updates” and click “save” to save the changes to your profile.

protect your updates in Twitter 

From now on any one will not see your updates, he will see “This person has protected their updates “ message on twitter page.This is one way of saving your privacy so that your updates will not be visible to public timeline in twitter.

protect updates on twitter

This is a very tricky setting that means you will not got enough followers ,the follower had to follow you to see your updates and then decide to continue to follow you or un follow.

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