Bing as default search engine in Firefox Any one will agree to the fact that most of the people now a days use Firefox as Primary Browser and Google as their default search engine for Firefox or even for other browsers also me not an exception.So till now you are using Google in Firefox to search in the search bar ,as Bing released looks liked by lot of users.

If you want to make Bing as default search engine for Firefox ,you can do it easily.

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To make Bing As Default search engine for Firefox

1.Just open Firefox.

2.In the search bar click on bullet button which opens drop down menu showing list of search engines available,click  Manage Search Engines Firefox opens list of search engines click Get more search engines which takes you to the Mozilla add-ons search engine page which you will find Firefox add-on for Bing released by Microsoft.

Manage search engine list

3. Here  is the link for official Firefox add-on for Bing, click on add to Firefox, Firefox prompts you for “add Bing to the list of engines available on the search bar” check “start using it  right away” and click add.

4.Click “Accept and install “,that’s it Bing is added to list of search engines in Firefox and has been set as default search engine for Firefox .

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