TweetBoard  is a free twitter application that keeps you engage with your readers on your Website or blog through twitter ,it is like a micro-forum .Tweetboard pulls twitter streams in near time maximum 1 minute delay and it shows reformatted tweets into threaded conversations with unlimited nesting.


When a reader comes to your website, he can view the message board on the left side by clicking tweets button and if a red tab is shown then there are new tweets since his last visit ,if green tab is shown there are no new tweets since his last visit.

 tweets staus in Tweetboard

Tweetboard allows readers to post their tweets from your message board from your website,a link is added to their tweet showing your website or blog URL .Tweetboard presently in private alpha ,so it is not yet publicly available, however they are giving few auto invites on request basis.You can request an invite like below from twitter.

“Requesting an invite for Tweetboard Alpha ( by @140ware, for my site:” 

Here you should replace “ReplaceWithYourURL” with your Website or blog URL.You will get instant reply from @140ware ,how ever they are approving instantly.So next you have to do is installing Tweetboard on your Website.

To install Tweetboard on your website or Blog

Just add the below code just above </body> tag ,if you are using Google Analytics, add this code above Google Analytics code by replacing “yourtwitterusername “with your twitter user name.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

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