Post Photos from Flickr to Twitter

Till now there are popular services like yfrog and Twitpic will allow to share photos on Twitter .Now Flickr joins in that list now,you can now send photos directly from Flickr to twitter.You need to create a blog with twitter account.This feature from Flickr  is still in Beta.

Setting up twitter blog  in Flickr

First you need to create a Twitter blog  in Flickr ,don’t worry it will be easy follow the below steps

1.Log into your Flickr account.

2.Authorize your twitter account by opening make sure you logged into twitter before.

creating twitter account

3.Click Head over to Twitter now.

4.Now twitter gives warning “an application would like to connect to your Account “which is Flickr here click “Allow” to Allow Flickr access to your twitter account.

twitter warning

5.You will get successful authorization of twitter from Flickr which also gives upload email +Twitter address to send photos from your mobie.

twitter account created_in_flickr

6.Click return to blogs page or click where you can see twitter blog in blogroll .

test post from twitter blog to twitter

7.Click “Test Post” that will send test post fron Flickr to Twitter if you get test post in Twitter, that’s it  Your Flickr account is configured from Flickr to post images to Twitter.

8.From now on when ever you see a public photo in Flickr click that photo, you can post it to twitter by clicking “Blog This” button and selecting your twitter account.

choose your twitter blog in flickr

image credit :mallix

9.You will get an option to “compose your blog entry” with flickr short URL provided to post to twitter .click ” Post Entry “ to post it to twitter.

compose your blog ewntry  blog entries from Flickr

Thanks to CNet News.

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