adstheme template background color issue

I got scared yesterday as my blog’s ads theme template background color turned completely into Black color and made text unreadable,since have done lot of tweaks to this template and customization my self I don’t want to loose this template,so here the fix for black background of ads theme template.

That is really scary experience I went to sleep yesterday hoping that problem will be fixed on next morning ,when I check my blog today  it isn’t the case.So lot of bloggers love this ads theme template and using it since long time like me.

Fix for Background color of Ads theme template

Changes happened to ads theme template

  • Since  background color of this blogger template made of some black and grey color ,one section marked in red is completely blacked out .


Here is the content wrapper code in the template that is behaving wired at this time

contentwrapper{width:920px; margin:0 auto; margin-bottom:5px; background:#000 url( repeat-y right}

When you observe the source code of template the content wrapper background is with color code #000  and we should change this to other color code probably  white (#FFFFFF) and we also have to change the grey color part image  from eblog templates which is hosted on photo bucket which have band width issues due to high traffic.

1.Sign into blogger account.

2.Click “layout”  click “Edit Html”  click download full template.

3.Now press ctrl+F  and in the search bar type contentwrapper ,the above code will be highlighted in background :#000 url change color code from black to white by entering FFFFFF .

Now I uploaded the grey color image to my photo bucket image  which you have to change to

finally the code look like below

contentwrapper{width:920px; margin:0 auto; margin-bottom:5px; background:#FFFFFF url( repeat-y right}

just copy the above code and paste and replace the content wrapper code and preview and save the changes.

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