Google does promote their products well through their products like Gmail,Google search and You Tube. In the part of promoting Google ‘s promoting Google Chrome they started showing TV ads on Google chrome to get the user attention.

Showing “download Google Chrome “message in Home page of Internet Explorer  is a part of that also.Here Google again does want to increase their market share of Google Chrome targeting Internet Explorer .

If you open Gmail in IE6 and in IE7 Google does show “Gmail runs faster in Google Chrome” message, if you click on “I want it tell me more” it takes you to ”” which contains small explanation about Google Chrome,Gmail in 30 seconds video which is embed below and download link to Google Chrome.If you click on “Dismiss” this message won’t appear in Gmail in future in IE6 and in IE7.


Gmail runs faster in Google Chrome

This promotional message from Google on Google Chrome in Gmail appears only on IE6,IE7 and not in IE8 ,Firefox browsers.As you observe the market share  of Chrome is close to 2% where as Firefox is 22% and IE share is 65%.

Browser Market Share

Despite Firefox is more secured and flexibility of more add-ons ,it’s market share still at 22%.After the release of  faster Firefox 3.5, Firefox market share will definitely increases,Google Chrome soon releasing extensions for Chrome ,let us see what happens.

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