As Twitter is more popular there can be some disturbances to twitter users by spammers who promotes spam by replying to users even they don’t know them.If you retweet that tweet of spammers there is a chance of your account get suspended by twitter team.

Even though twitter system is strong to identify spammers ,a online Twitter tool called Twitchuk coming soon next week to help you make twitter spam free.Twitchuck helps you find spammers in your friends list and automatically removes spammers.

With Twitchuck you can check the users you are going to follow is a spammer or not.

How Twitchuck works?

Twitchuck generates a score for a twitter account when you check and gives the score of Follow or not can check your twitchuck score below by entering your twitter user name.

Twitter user status in Twitchuck

Twitchuck also mentioning Good Follows and Bad follows in their home page.

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