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Google analytics is very useful for bloggers to know the source of traffic where they are coming from and also stats about the visitors count,their stayed time on your blog .It’s always good to exclude our IP address from analytics stats as we keep visiting our blog may be tracked by Google analytics gives irrelevant metrics to your blog,hence we should avoid this.

If you or your marketing team visit your blog from more number of computers,you should avoid all these IP addresses to get correct stats for your blog through Google analytics.

If you don’t know how to find the IP address assigned to your computer,use to find your IP address.Then

1.Sign into your Google analytics account.

2.As you are in Overview page click “Edit” which brings “profile settings” page.

3.Now under bottom of the page in “Filters Applied to the Profile “ click “Add Filter”

add filter in analytics

4.Select Add filter in Filter name enter My IP address and in the Filter Type select Exclude all traffic from an IP address and enter your IP address in IP address box and click save changes.

create filter_for_excluding_ip address_analytics

5.If your IP address is ,you should enter this as 192\.168\.1\.1

Have you excluded your IP address from your analytics stats?share with us in comments.

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