CCleaner is a freeware utility that protects your Privacy by clearing all browsing history, saves free space for hard drive by cleaning temporary internet files, temp files, cache and thus improves your system performance.With CCleaner, you can uninstall programs, clean Windows Registry and it can fix broken shortcuts also.

Here are the requirements to run CCleaner in your Computer and more info:

  • You need to be administrator to install and use CCleaner.
  • It supports Win 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • You can not delete flies using CCleaner using Guest account.
  • It supports 64 bit versions of XP and Vista.
  • There are No Mac (Update: Mac version now available)and Linux versions for CCleaner.

CCleaner’s Intelligent Scan for Cookies Explained

Since a lot of people like me use it daily, here are some CCleaner Tips & Tricks

1.Install new CCleaner without uninstalling the older version: Do you think you need to uninstall old version of CCleaner before installing a new one? No! you can use it without uninstalling the previous version, by doing so you can retain the customization and settings of the older version.

2.Print a list of programs installed in your computer using CCleaner: This is an excellent feature, hardly no one have noticed it.

Open CCleaner > Tools > Uninstall,  click save to text file at the bottom right side of it.

save list of installed programs to text file_in _CCleaner

You can read more ways to print list of programs installed in a computer by reading in the below link

How To Print List of Installed Programs In Your Computer

3. Set CCleaner to close after it finishes cleaning: You can set this tool to stay remain or close after it finishes cleaning.

For that, click Options > Advanced, tick ‘close program after cleaning.

4. Backup and Restore registry before cleaning: As you know CCleaner cleans the registry by scanning for issues ,you can backup registry before ‘fixing selected issues’, you can restore that backup registry file by right clicking on it and selecting “Merge”.

3 Tips of CCleaner You may not Know

5. Use Portable CClenaer to avoid crappy toolbars: As I have written  Crappy and Nasty Toolbars Bundled with Ccleaner and Foxit Reader, since CClenaer is a freeware, they will get money only through promoting these toolbars, we can not blame Piriform for that ,we can avoid that by using Portable CCleaner. As you can take this in your USB drive

Download CCleaner Portable

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6. Set CCleaner to run whenever your computer starts:You can even set  CCleaner to run and clean without your intervention whenever computer starts or at specified time using

  • Scheduled tasks for example read

How to Shutdown Your Computer at Specific Time

  • Create a shortcut for it by using CClenaer.exe/Auto and drag that to the startup folder.
  • Or Open CCleaner > Options > Settings, check “Run CCleaner whenever computer starts”.

You can even set your Computer to shutdown after cleaning of CCleaner by using CCleaner.exe/AUTO/SHUTDOWN .

Bonus:Troubleshooting issues with CCleaner

1.If you use this tool, you’ve a chance of getting “RunDLL-Erroor in InetCpl.cpl

read How to Fix “RUNDLL- Error in InetCpl.cpl Missing entry:ClearMyTracksByProcess”

2.If you get ” CClenaer.exe –Corrupt file error

read How to Fix CCleaner.exe – Corrupt File error

Download CCleaner

This post will be updated, if I found new tips for CCleaner.