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Since Bing was launched by Microsoft few days back I was unable to bring updates about Bing due to being busy offline due to some other reasons.Bing looks promising gives search results by visual representation ,Bing is a Decision Making engine according to Microsoft.

Let’s look at few basic things you need to know about Bing which we can call as Bing Tips & tricks

1.Access Full version of Bing:If you open Bing,you will get limited version of Bing to India or the country you belong except for North America,you can access full version of Bing if you were part of North America.


To access Full version of Bing

2.Get latest news from Bing:To know what happening around the world just as you access Google news from Google we can also get news form Bing.Just enter Technology and click News will brings you news related to latest technology.

3.Find Weather Forecasts for your City:Want to know  how the weather forecast is going to be for your city ,just enter city name followed by weather you will get weather forecast results for that particular city.

Weather forecast_in _bing

4.View Preview of Videos with a mouse hover:Bing does show the preview of videos with a just mouse hover them.It will be useful for you to decide whether you are interested in watching the whole video or not.This will save lot of time .This is a major feature makes Bing  Interesting as other search engines lacks this also have the option to watch limited time playing videos in Bing.You can select the time., resolution and length of video according to your convenience.

preview of videos_in _bing

5.Find Instant Answers to your queries :don’t want so many links as results use Bing’s instant answers to get in Conversions,Flight deals,Flight Status,hotels,Math ,News and Weather.

example :How many Seconds in a day

instant answers to queries _in _bing

6.Find Statistical Information:You can find statistical information for a country or city using Bing.

Example :Population of India

statistical information of_country _in _bing

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