email signature created with wisestamp

Every one likes  Gmail for its features which can’t be found in other email services ,but Gmail does not support to add HTML as signature ,luckily Wisestamp a Firefox add-on adds html signatures to Webmail like Gmail,Yahoo Mail ,Hotmail and AOL.

You can customize signature in such a way that you include IM&social profiles ,automatically shows your blog posts.

If you have a email accounts in Gmail,Yahoo ,Hotmail and AOL ,you can create a single signature with wisestamp which can be automatically inserted into your signature when you are composing a message in Gmail,Yahoo ,Hotmail and AOL in Firefox.

HTML signature in Gmail 

After installing Wisestamp in Firefox ,you can observe WiseStamp icon in bottom of Firefox status bar,right click on it click “Edit signature” customize your signature the way you want .Check the below video how to do it.


Wisestamp status icon in Firefoxemail signature created with wisestamp

You can even show latest blog post by adding your feed URL in RSS of Wisestamp.You can fill any number of social profiles you want after adding your Social Profiles, see the preview and click Apply to save the changes.

See my html signature created with Wisestamp .You can create better signatures for personal and professional purposes.

Download WiseStamp Firefox add-on

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