Google search tips

Till now I have not covered any search tips on Google ,since Google is well known to all,is it not.Though I covered few tips on Bing which is new decision engine from Microsoft.Here I am covering few Google search tips.

  1. Find weather forecast in your City with Google:want to know how the weather forecast for your city is going to be,open Google homepage and type weather followed by city name .

        Ex:Weather Hyderabad.

         Weather _forecast_using _Google search

2.Find local Businesses :If you want to find shopping malls ,restaurants near you,you can know them easily with Google giving Google map,contact information after search.

Ex:Chinese restaurants in Delhi

finding restaurents near using Google

3.Unit Conversion using Google:You can easily convert  different units  to others  using Google.

Example:100- cms in m

unit conversions in Google

4.Find Movie theaters near you:If you want to know which movies are playing in your city ,you can find them using Google Search.

Example: Movies in Chennai

Movies in city using Google

5.Know latest cricket Scores:To know latest Cricket scores type cricket followed by country

Example :Cricket India.

6.To know a definition of a word:to know a definition of a word type define followed by Word

Example :define Bing

7.To know the time in other countries:If you want to know the time in other country type time followed by country

Example:Time Australia.

8.Do Calculations :Get answers to various calculations with Google’s built in Calculator function.


9.Currency Conversion:Convert currency from One country to Other using Google’s built in currency Converter

Example:100 $ in INR

10.Let Google fill your Question:You don’t need to enter full question ,Google fills the rest part if you fill with *

Example :Taj Mahal in *

11.Track Packages Shipping to You:To track current position of your package in Shipping type the tracking number


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