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As two days back Wolfram l Alpha  launched, I read lot of hype about wolfram|alpha last week in print media saying that wolfram alpha is a Google’s grandfather and Google’s killer as well.Let me tell you Wolfram alpha is not a search engine like Google it is a computational knowledge engine.

If you type a query in Google it searches the web and gives search results in form of links to lot of sources.Where Wolfram alpha is different when you search it searches using inbuilt algorithms and data it has and gives single source with definitive answer .wolfram alpha is a computational knowledge engine based on Mathematica by Stephen wolfram .

If you search in Wolfram alpha it will show the results in visually by graphs and charts.Google gives the search results on what you searched for in past and answers given to those questions by some one pointing links to some websites.This is different as wolfram alpha uses its knowledge base which has 10+trillions of data,50,000 types of algorithms based on Mathemtica.It computes the answer with the data is has.

Wolfram alpha is useful  to scientist ,mathematicians and business people as it shows the financial status GDP of companies .If you search Google it will show the markets position of Google.

Having launched two days back it seems be hit by huge traffic .Today it is showing sorry message due to load tests carrying by wolfram alpha team.It seems to be slow in generating search results due to huge traffic.,I wonder how they cope with this,it has to be seen.

Wolfram_alpha_exceeds test limit

WOlfram alpha is not a replacement to Google nor Google killer ,it’s computational   knowledge engine useful to mathematicians and scientists.that’s it.Wait to see how Google reacts to wolfram alpha:).

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