On one morning when you open My computer, you will observe one hidden folder named Msocache consuming lots of disk space in a partition of your hard drive which is having lots of free space. What is this Msocache folder? Why is it in my computer? How should I remove this to regain the free disk space?


What is MSoCache?

According to Microsoft, Msocache is called as Local Install source(LIS) which will be copied to a partition on your hard drive during the installation of Office 2003 (update: applies to the current version like Office 2013 also). This is a hidden folder having install source files from Office 2003 CD.

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What is use of MsoCache?

Whenever you want to repair or update office 2003 with patches and service packs, this will be useful so that you don’t need to insert the Office 2003 CD again and again when required, that’s why Msocache is called as Local Install Source.

These local install source files from Office 2003 CD will be copied to hidden Msocache folder during install of Office and thus will occupy 270MB. Removing this folder will give you 270MB free space.

Since these days hard drives are coming with higher storage capacities more than 250GB  1TB, if you’re not worried about space occupied by Msocache folder, then you can allow it to remain in your Computer. If you want to regain some free space, then you can remove it safely.

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How to remove Msocache from my  Computer?

Removing Msocache is not just selecting that folder and deleting it, you should never do this which is not recommended by Microsoft also. There are 2 ways to remove Msocache safely from your computer.

1.Removing  Msocache during the set up of Office 2003

If you’ve completed installing Office 2003, you will get a prompt window after setup is completed  to delete install files, select or check it so that install files will not be saved to your Computer.

2. Removing Msocache after Office 2003 is installed

So you unknowingly not selected or checked the install files while during setup of Office 2003, now you can use Disk Cleanup tool to remove Msocache folder from your computer.

1. Click Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools >Disk Cleanup or open Run command and type Cleanmgr

2. Once the disk cleanup opens, select the drive which is having Msocache folder and click OK.

3. Now Disk Cleanup scans and shows Office Setup Files on your computer on that drive.

4. In the Files to delete, select office setup files, and click OK to remove the office setup files.


5. If you’ve not found office install files with disk cleanup on one drive repeat the same above procedure again until disk cleanup founds office install files on remaining drives, select them and remove safely with the disk cleanup tool.

Update: Do this at your own risk: If you’ve Office Installation media for any version like Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office 2013 nearby, then you can go ahead and remove that folder manually (warns not to by Microsoft) if those files not detected and shown by the Disk Cleanup.

Do remember, you need to enter DVD or path for the setup file stored on your hard drive whenever you’ve to repair or change office components or to install Service Packs and Patches. Hope that answers the questions in the comments below.

Are you using Office 2003 on your computer? Have you found Msocache on your computer? Share with us in the comments.