Last time I written about  Friendorfollow a twitter application that lets you know who is not following you back on twitter after you follow them.Here another twitter web application Twoogle makes us search in twitter and Google both at the same time.

If you are Twitter and Googler , this will be very useful to you ,you can get both twitter and Google results from search side by side on same window.

1.Just enter the word  in search box you want to search from both Google and Twitter in search ,click search button

2.You will get the results instantly in a side by side window showing the search results from both twitter and Google .

3.You can also tweet these search results in twitter by clicking Tweet these results.

Search _results_in _Twoogle

4.You also have the option to browse Google and Twitter results separately by clicking on t , g and t/g letters.

Clicking on t letter will show the search results of twitter only.

Clicking  on g letter will show the search results of Google only.

Clicking on t/g will show search results in both twitter and Google side by side.

5.This is a free service also.

Search Google and Twitter

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