If you are listening to Mp3 songs and doing some work on your computer or you are watching movie in your media player or seeing a power point presentation interestingly, all of a sudden a pop balloon with sound comes up saying alert about new mail message has arrived or a program has been crashed.

This is so annoying that We have to initiate an action for that error lets say by clicking OK,these sort of windows Sounds does spoil your mood.

Turning off Windows Sounds Manually

1.Control Panel>Sounds and Audio devices >click Sounds tab >select  Sound Scheme as No Sounds and save it.

2.After we have completed watching the movie or task you deeply interested in we have to select Sound scheme as Windows Default and click save ,so that we don’t want to miss out these alerts of Windows sounds.

This is really can be avoided as the above can be done with a single click by using Soundoff.

Turning off Windows Sounds with SoundOff

Soundoff is a little freeware program that sits in the system tray, when you do have to turn off windows sounds just right click on that icon in notification area and select Turn sounds off .

Turn _Sounds off

Features off SoundOff

  • Sits in the system tray so that easy to access.
  • We can configure  it to  launch on startup.
  • we can also change schemes by right clicking from the program from system tray.
  • It’s a freeware.

Summary:Soundoff is a little freeware program with which we can turn off and turn on windows sounds very easily.

Download SoundOff

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