If you are using Printer, you could have accidentally clicked the print button or given wrong number of jobs to print which results in unnecessary printouts which causes you to loose papers and ink in cartridge.You can no longer cancel or delete those print jobs that are already in print queue.

With a simple trick we can delete all the print jobs in the print queue.First of all you should know how printing works.

How printing goes with a printer?

If you print files ,these files will be sent as spooled files to printer and these files will be located in temporary folder so that printer access the files from print queue and print files.If print spooler is stooped the print jobs in queue will be cancelled and deleted which is logic behind the below method.

1..Shutdown your computer.

2.Disconnect  Power cord connected to printer and remove the USB  cable from printer to CPU.

unplug_usb _cable_power_cord

3.Start your computer ,Start>Run>type services.msc>select p on the keyboard to get to Print Spooler right click on it click stop and Windows will stop the print spooler and now click start to let windows start the print spooler.

stop_Print _spooler_in_services

4.Turn off your computer ,connect power cord of printer and USB cable to CPU.

5.Now start your computer,everything will be fine as all print jobs in the print queue are released.

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