Indian Political League

Last time I had written about games on Indian election and here is yet another game, encountering politics into a Cricket game as Manmohan Singh and Advani plays the Indian Political League game.

What you have to do is bat for your favorite in between Manmohan Singh and Advani, and win the IPL for  them. The Indian Political league name seems be taken from Indian premier League, you are right! Why not? Cricket is the main sport in India, a political battle is represented in a Cricket game.

To play Indian Political League game

1. Go the Indian Political league page.

2. Select your favorite PM.

3. You can select 5 Overs, 10 Overs or 20 Overs to play the game.

Indian Political League_game

4. Use your keyboard arrow keys to play.

5. When you choose to bat, you have already target set to win IPL.

6.While one PM candidate is playing, other is keeping, in between Overs, you will get trivia to improve your knowledge.

Play Indian Political League game

Have fun and share your comments

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