These days viruses are infecting PCs more through pen drives than through downloading malwares.As the  Auto run functionality bug in Windows is a boon to these viruses which modifies the auto run file in computer and making computer infected.

What are the precautionary steps you need to be taken and aware before virus spreads through pen drive or USB drive.This method also will be useful in a computer that do not have a that having known virus in pen drive from below method he can avoid infection of viruses from pen drive to his computer.

1.First of all turn off the auto run functionality in windows using Group policy editor.

  • Start>Run>type gpedit.msc
  • Select Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System and in the right pane select Turn off Autoplay.

               Turn_off_autoplay_on_all _drives

  • double click on Turn off Autoplay ,then Turn off Autoplay properties window pops up now select Enabled and select Turn off AutoPlay on All drives,click Apply and OK.

2.Now plug-in your USB drive .

  • Now click start>Run>type CMD and press enter
  • a command prompt window open now type cd\ to get to current drive directory that is by default C:
  • As windows Explorer gives a drive letter for your Pen drive type that drive letter in cmd here I type G:
  • now type dir/w/o/a/p and press enter this displays the files info in wide list format.

          finding_viruses_in _pen _drives _through _cmd _prompt

  • now if there are any viruses you can observe clearly such as autorun.inf and newfolder.exe ,songs.exe like that

So having observed viruses ,right click on the pen drive and scan it with anti-virus in your computer as it detects viruses and removes them.

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