block user in Google friend connect

Google friend Connect allows any one having Gmail or Yahoo account to join a  website and show their profile to public ,they can even invite their friends to join a website.Today, I observed a new member joined my blog as the total members count in Google friend connect goes to 21 from 20.

I checked the member’s profile to know ,what sites he joined ,he already joined an illegal site so I thought I should block this member to avoid any trouble to my readers as they might click those sites and can get into trouble.

How to block a member in Google friend connect

1.Just login  to Google Friend Connect with username and password.

2.Click manage members ,click on face of a member and select block this user and that member will be blocked .

block this user

3.Sign out of Google Friend connect.

I never thought ,I need to block a user in Google Friend Connect :),so be aware of these .

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