Google chrome

As Google released  Google Chrome 2.0 beta earlier ,now it came out of beta and is more  faster than the previous Google Chrome version We can call this Version of  chrome as Google Chrome 2.0.The new features added to Google Chrome 2.0 are form autofill,removing thumbnails in most visited page,viewing Google Chrome in full screen mode.

New Tab Page is changed:as We covered privacy issues in Google Chrome, one issue is  whenever you open a new tab most visited sites will be shown from the previously opened sites.Now we can remove thumbnails in most visited sites page very easily.

View Full Screen:If you want to see a presentation or videos you can watch them by pressing F11.

Form Autofill:If you want to fill information in forms in web pages  again and again ,you can use autofill which saves a lot of time without need to reenter the same data again.

Stability is increased:This Google Chrome is more secured as 300 bugs found in Google chrome 1.0 are fixed.

If you are using Google Chrome it will be automatically updated by now if you are not using Google Chrome till now download Google Chrome from here.

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