It is necessary for everyone to install Java, which is necessary for us to play online games, chat with friends, to view images in 3D and to view bank sites also requires Java to be installed on your computer.

To install Java on your computer, every time you have to download and install it from Java server itself. Which is a long process and it will be very difficult for us to update whenever there is an updated version of java gets released.

Java 7 Released [Offline Installer Links Inside]

Oracle Releases Java 8 with inclusion of Ask Toolbar again

It will be nice if we have Java offline installer, which not only saves the time, but also useful to move it across the computers and install on  multiple ones that doesn’t have an Internet connection.

To download Java Offline Installer

1. Just go to manual download page of Java, in this page you can observe online installer for java and also offline installer below it.

Java Offline Installer_ link

2.Click Windows XP/ Vista/2003/2008 offline and click save to save java stadnlone installer file to hard drive.

3. Close all the browsers, install it in your computer by double clicking on that file and follow on-screen instructions

4. Remember to uncheck yahoo the toolbar after accepting license agreement.

Download Java offline installer

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