How many times after reinstalling Windows or after removing the older version of Flash player plug-ins from your computer, you have installed flash player from a website that asks you to install a flash player that is required to see the content and hence your computer connects to Adobe website and installs flash player .

This process takes some time depending on your internet connection speed and you have to restart the browser after installation of flash palyer. Isn’t it not annoying?.

You have to show some presentations which requires Flash player to be installed in your computer which do not have a internet connection. What do you do then?

You have to install flash player on computers that don’t have an internet connection, what do you do now?

For all above said reasons you need to have Flash player offline installer

1.Just download Flash player offline installer .

2.Save the file to a folder in your hard drive.

3.Install the Flash Player.

4.That’s it, latest flash player is installed in your computer

download Flash Player offline installer

Update: Download Flash Player offline installer for Internet Explorer from below link.

Download Flash Player offline installer for IE